MI Baccarat

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Game Overview

It is the first time we adopt new play method of gongmi interactive Baccarat. Players can enjoy the rights of "Mi" card after bidding. All chips will be clearly displayed on the card table. Players have the same seat experience as being in a real casino.

Game play

Same as traditional Baccarat.

"Mi" card

  1. Rights of “Mi” card belong to Banker. All the official account numbers have the qualification of “Banker” after bidding the “Banker”.
  2. Rights of “Mi” card belong to player. All the official account numbers have the qualification of “player” after bidding any type of gambling except the “Banker” .

Other functions

Players can instantly interact with the beautiful host and bid while chatting when a host joins the game,this game can create an upgrade experience for you which is unparalleled by the real casino.

GiftPlayers can tip their favorite host at any time, in order to reward the warm service of the host and show the identity of the guest.
Gift recordYou can check the reward records of yourself and others.
ReviewPlayers can give comments and suggestions to the host.
ChatThe chat area is located at the bottom right of the game screen. There are many emoticons whcih make chatting more fun.


  • When each boot of gambling enters the 31st game or later, players will not be allowed to bet on the big or small.
  • The red limit of the table refers to the minimum and maximum of the main playing methods of the game table. The bet limit of players in each playing method is the intersection of play method red limit and player individual red limit. If you need to adjust the limit, please contact customer service of the website.
  • when the dealer deals the cards, if the system fails to read the status occasionally, the dealer will scan it again until the system can read it completely (in case of failure factors, all relevant bets / lotteries will be cancelled)
  • In case of settlement error, it shall be settled again according to the current video results.