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Game Overview

SicBo is also called gambling Big and Small, is the ancient Chinese legend of the game. To guess the dice out of the points or points of the sum of the gambling. Diversification of the types of betting and attract odds, very popular with players.

How to Win

Players bet on the contents of the three dice to stay out of the same points, they won the prize money.

Participation Instructions and Bet Options

  1. Upon the start of the new game, you can choose the chips to place the bet based on your guess.
  2. The betting process is terminated after the time countdown ends; the dealer starts the button then rolls the dices automatically by the machine.
  3. After the dice cup stop running and video shows each value of the three dice, the dealer enters the three points depends on the total points of the three dices stopped. The screen is illuminated with the lights, which allows a clear view of the winning bets and the loss odds. The result is determined by the player's betting.

Game play

The chips are placed on the different bet grids, and you can bet on any grids during the betting time.


Bet Typesoddsdescription
Big1 pays 1the total number of points 11 to 17.(PS* In the event that any triple comes out; all bets wagered on this portion loses.)
Small1 pays 1the total points for the 4 to 10. (PS* In the event that any triple comes out; all bets wagered on this portion loses.)
Triples1 pays 150Bet on the three dices will drop out three identical figure, must be a specific figure. (ex. three 1's)
Any Triples1 pays 24Bet on all six kind of triples at once.

One of a kind

Bet Typesoddsdescription
One Dice1 Pays 1A single dice will appear with 1 to 6 dice per dice.
Double Dice1 Pays 2Bet on a dice figure that must come out on two dice. (choose from dice 1 to 6)
Three Dice1 Pays 3Bet on a dice figure that must come out on Three dice. (choose from dice 1 to 6)
(double dice, long cards)
1 Pays 8Bet on specific pair of dice that must come out, at least 2 dice to be paid.
(dominoes, short cards)
1 pays 5Bet on specific two dice combination. There are 15 types of two dice combination on the table layout.

3 Sum of Points

Bet Typesoddsdescription
4 or 17 points1 pays 50Total 4 or 17 points
5 or 16 points1 pays 18Total 5 or 16 points
6 or 15 points1 pays 14Total 6 or 15 points
7 or 14 points1 pays 12Total 7 or 14 points
8 or 13 points1 pays 8Total 8 or 13 points
9, 10, 11 or 12 points1 pays 6Total 9, 10, 11 or 12 points

Odd Even

Betting Typesoddsdescription
Odd1 pays 1Total Dice points 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17 ( In the event that any triple comes out : all bets wagered on the portion loses. )
Even1 pays 1Total Dice points 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 ( In the event that any triple comes out : all bets wagered on the portion loses. )


  • Minimum and maximum bets are based on table limits. Player can place bets within the combined range of the table's playtype bet limit and the player's personal bet limit. If you would like to adjust your persoal bet limits, please contact customer services.
  • After dice shaker has stopped, and dice values are not able to be determined, game operator will re shake the dice shaker until a valid result is obtained (if results are still not able to be determined, current round will be cancelled and all bets will be returned).
  • In case of oblique dice, stacked dice or dice jumping less than three times, the dealer will shake the dice again and settle the account normally according to the result of the last shake.
  • In case of incorrect settlement, settlements will be re-settled based on current video result.