Red Black

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Game Overview

Red black is a classic chess and card game with simple playing method and strong entertainment. It is a very favorite game loved by chess and card lovers since its inception.

How to Win

Compare the card type value of "red" and "black" cards, and the bigger one wins. The winning party whose bet or card type is correct can obtain the corresponding odds of the dividen.

Participation Instructions and Bet Options

  1. When starting to bet, the player clicks the bet chip and then clicks the red, black or Lucky Strike area on the desktop to complete the bet.
  2. When the player is betting, the dealer deals three downward cards to "red" and "black" party respectively.
  3. the dealer began to scan the cards of two party at the end of the countdown time.
  4. Compare the card value of "red" and "black", and confirm who is the winner.

Game play

  1. The game uses a set of 52 playing cards without red and black joker. Each party will be dealed three cards in each game. First, compare the value of the card types. If the card types are the same, then compare the card values in the order of big to small to confirm who is the winner. If the card type and the card value are the same, then compare the value in the order of pattern, spades > hearts > clubs > diamonds.
  2. You have three bet options: red, black and Lucky Strike.
  1. Card Type:
Card TypeDiagramdescription
3 of a kindThree cards with the same points (AAA is the maximum, 222 is the minimum).
Straight flushStraight cards with same pattern(AKQ is the maximum, A23 is the minimum)
flushSame pattern and not straight((flush AKJ is the maximum, flush 235 is the minimum)
straightStraight with same pattern (AKQ is the maximum, A23 is the minimum)
pairPair with same points(AAK is the maximum, 223 is the minimum)
singleThree cards, but can not form cards type above((AkJ is the maximum, 235 is the minimum)
  1. value comparison:
  • card types value: 3 of a kind > straight flush> flush > straight > pair > Single
  • card value:

    A > K > Q > J > 10 > 9 > 8 > 7 > 6 > 5 > 4 > 3 > 2.

  • Pattern value: spades > hearts > clubs > diamonds
  • Pair card types: if both of them are pair card types, first compare the points of the pair, and then compare the points of the single card when the points of the two pairs are the same,Finally compare the suits of the single cards.
  • 3 of a kind, flush, single card type: first compare the points of the largest card, if the points of the largest card are the same, then compare the value of the second largest card, and so on.
  • straight flush and straight should compare points in order: AKQ > KQJ >... > 432 > 32A.
  • If the card type and points are the same, then compare the pattern finally.


Bet projectodds
red1 : 0.95
black1 : 0.95
Lucky strikePair (pair 9 and above)1 : 1
Straight1 : 2
flush1 : 2
Straight flush1 : 11
3 of a kind1 : 24


  • The red limit of the table refers to the minimum and maximum of the main playing methods of the game table. The bet limit of players in each playing method is the intersection of play method red limit and player individual red limit. If you need to adjust the limit, please contact customer service of the website.
  • when the dealer deals the cards, if the system fails to read the status occasionally, the dealer will scan it again until the system can read it completely (in case of failure factors, all relevant bets / lotteries will be cancelled).
  • In case of settlement error, it shall be settled again according to the current video results.
  • If the game fails to complete the game normally due to the failure of the game platform network, the system will cancel the whole game players' bet and return the bet principal.