Speed Sicbo

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Game Overview

Sicbo is also known as bet point, is an ancient Chinese game. Speed sicbo evolved from dice. It only uses one dice to makes points by mechanical shaking.

How to Win

The player can win the lottery money when his bet is the same as the points of the dice when it stoped.

Game play

  1. There is a count down time when a new game start, You can choose your chips to bet according to your prediction during this time.
  2. And the bet will be stopped at the end of the countdown time, then the dealer presses the button to shake the dice automatically.
  3. When the dice stops, the dealer inputs the points of the dice , the video will show the points of it at the same time., the winning betting area of the betting interface will flash at this time, and players can judge the winning or losing based on this.


Bet projectoddsdescription
big1 : 0.95The points is 4-6
small1 : 0.95The points is 1-3
Odd1 : 0.95The points is 1-3-5
Even1 : 0.95The points is 2-4-6
Point 11 : 4.75When the point is 1
Point 21 : 4.75When the point is 2
Point 31 : 4.75When the point is 3
Point 41 : 4.75When the point is 4
Point 51 : 4.75When the point is 5
Point 61 : 4.75When the point is 6


  • The red limit of the table refers to the minimum and maximum of the main playing methods of the game table. The bet limit of players in each playing method is the intersection of play method red limit and player individual red limit. If you need to adjust the limit, please contact customer service of the website.
  • when the dice was shaked, if the system fails to read the points occasionally, the dealer will shake it again until the system can read it completely (in case of failure factors, all relevant bets / lotteries will be cancelled).
  • In case of oblique dice, stacked dice or dice jumping less than three times, the dealer will shake the dice again and settle the account normally according to the result of the last shake.
  • In case of settlement error, it shall be settled again according to the current video results.