Win Three Cards

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Game Overview

Win 3 Card is a popular folk game in China, which known as win 3 , this game uses a set of poker card except red joker and black joker ,in total 52 cards. Players compare the value of the three cards in their hands. The playing method is simple and easy to understand. In this game, players can bet on dragon or Phoenix, as well as other special card types.

How to Win

The object of the game is to compare the card type between Dragon and Phoenix, card type bigger means win, card type smaller means lose. A player can win by betting on the bigger one or its card type.

Participation Instructions and Bet Options

  1. Select the amount you would like to wager and dragging it on the betting area (Pair 8 Plus/Flush/Straight/3 of a kind/Straight Flush)
  2. When players are betting, dealer deal 3 face down cards to Dragon and Phoenix.
  3. After the countdown ends, the dealer will scan every card.
  4. Compare the card type between Dragon and Phoenix and decided win or lose.

Game play

  1. The game uses a set of 52 poker cards without red joker and black joker. Each player will be dealed 3 cards in innings game. First, compare the value of the card type. If the card type is the same, then compare the value of the card in the order of big to small to confirm the victory. If the three cards of "dragon" and "phoenix" are the same value, it is a "tie" and all bet chips will be returned to the players.
  2. You have several bet types can choose, please see the following below:
    Dragon、Phoenix、Pair 8 Plus (Pair 9-Pair A, Flush, Straight, 3 of a kind, Straight Flush)、Straight、Flush、Straight Flush、3 of a kind
  3. If players bet on “Dragon” and “Phoenix” at the same time, the valid bets will be count as hedging.

Card Type

Card Typediagramdescription
235Three cards are 2,3,5 with different suits.
3 of a kindThree cards of same rank.
Straight FlushThree suited cards in sequence.
FlushThree suited cards.
StraightThree cards in sequence.
PairTwo cards of same rank.
High CardNone of the above.


A > K > Q > J > 10 > 9 > 8 > 7 > 6 > 5 > 4 > 3 > 2 ,the card suit does not affect the card rank.

Card Type

  • Card Type
    3 of a kind】 > 【 Straight Flush】 > 【 Flush】 > 【 Straight】 > 【 One Pair】 > 【 High Card
  • 235 card type is only bigger than the 3 of a kind card type.
    235】 > 【 3 of a kind
  • When there is no 3 of a kind card type in the game, 235 is the smallest high card.
    High Card】 > 【 235
  • Straight Flush, Straight

※only in the card type of “Straight Flush”and “Straight”, A can be used as the largest or smallest value card, while in other card types,A is the largest single card.

  • One Pair:
    During the game, if Dragon and Phoenix are all One Pair card type, players need to compare the card value of pair cards; if the card value are the same, then to compare the card value of the remaining cards.
  • 3 of a kind, Flush, High Card
    In this three card types, players need to compare card value of the biggest card. If the card value of the two biggest cards are the same, then compare the second biggest card, and so on.


Dragon1 : 0.95
Phoenix1 : 0.95
Pair 8 Plus (Pair 9-Pair A /Straight /Flush /Straight Flush /3 of a kind)1 : 2
Straight1 : 7
Flush1 : 8
Straight Flush1 : 100
3 of a kind1 : 120
  • ※Note: Player placed bet for any one of above card type, only consider win when the card type is meets
  • Example:
    1. Player placed bet in "Straight", if Dragon wins with "Straight" card, the payout will be 1:7.
    2. Player placed bet in "Straigh", result shown Dragon's card type is "Straight" and Phoenix's card type is "Flush", then Player placed bet in "Straight" will considered as lose.
  • Players bet on Straight or Flush. If the winner of the result wins with the Straight Flush card type, the player who bet on Straight or Flush card will also win the dividend.


  • Minimum and maximum bets are based on table limits. Player can place bets within the combined range of the table’s play type bet limit and the player’s personal bet limit. If you would like to adjust your personal bet limits, please contact customer services.
  • When cards are being dealt by the dealer, the system may or may not be able to read the cards, if the system is unable to read the card, the dealer will scan the card again until the system has read the card (if system is still unable to read the card, current round will be cancelled and all bets will be returned).
  • In case of incorrect settlement, settlements will be re-settled based on current video result.
  • Due to network failure causing the game in progress unable to complete, system will cancel the current round and refund all the wager.