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Game Overview

Sedie, which was started in 1909, has been a popular traditional game in Vietnam for long time. Its method of playing is simple and interesting, and the game can be played with the utensils which can be easily found at home. Use a bowl to cover the four buttons with red and white colors on the plate, and the result after being quickly shaken shall be the bet.

Participation Instructions and Bet Options

  1. When starting bet, the player clicks the chips for bet then clicks the single and double zones on the desktop to finish corresponding bet.
  2. While the player betting, the dealer place 4 buttons with red and white colors into the plate, shake the plate up and down after covering the bowl, and finish shaking then place the plate on the glass table and keep it still.
  3. When betting count-down is finished, the dealer opens the bowl, to distribute the bet price according to combination of colors on the upward surfaces of buttons.

Game rules

  1. This game shall be implemented according to the process which is closest to the real casino. If there is any special situation, it will be treated based on the method announced by our company.
  2. If the dealer incautiously has the bowl, plate or buttons fallen during the game, place the objectives back to the designated position and then re-shake the plate.
  3. If the buttons are overlapped when opening the bowl, which is hard to judge the result, the dealer shall separate the overlapped buttons with the rod
  4. If the dealer opens the plate without shaking, or open the plate before the bet time ends. This round shall be deemed to be invalid; all bet money shall be returned.
  5. During the dealer opening the plat, 【if the bowl touches the buttons】, the final result shall be based on the colors on the button falling down after opening the plate.


Bet projectoddsdescription
1 : 124 Red Buttons
1 : 124 White Buttons
1 : 2.63 Red Buttons, 1 White Button
1 : 2.63 White Buttons, 1 Red Button
Odd1 : 0.963 Red Buttons, 1 White Button
3 White Buttons, 1 Red Button
Even1 : 0.964 Red Buttons
4 White Buttons
2 White Buttons, 2 Red Buttons


  • The red limit of the table refers to the minimum and maximum of the main playing methods of the game table. The bet limit of players in each playing method is the intersection of play method red limit and player individual red limit. If youneed to adjust the limit, please contact customer service of the website.
  • In case of settlement error, it shall be settled again according to the current video results.
  • If the game fails to complete the game normally due to the failure of the game platform network, the system will cancel the whole game players' bet and return the bet principal.